Privacy Policy

What We Collect

Account information. To create an account, you must provide a username and password. Your username can be anything as long as it is unique, and it doesn’t have to be related to your real name.

Information you provide. The sole purpose of this application is to migrate YouTube data, and so any data chosen to be migrated is automatically deleted after two weeks. This is primarily done to allow the data to be modified before migration and to prevent progress loss or interruption, and if these were not concerns then there would be no need to store such data. This is also within the Google API developer policy for how long user data may be stored from the API.

The data accessed and stored from the YouTube API includes the following:

How Your Data is Used

Account credentials are stored indefinitely, but can be deleted by the users themselves.

Other information is automatically deleted at 14 days and can also be deleted by the users themselves. This data is only stored to assist with the migration/exporting process.

Users can revoke the access this app has to their data via the Google security settings page of the following link.

How Information About You isn’t Shared

Account credentials are not shared. The user’s data imported from YouTube is used to interact with YouTube within the user’s control. This application uses the YouTube API services to do this.

Here is the Google privacy policy:

How We Use Cookies

One cookie is used for the app session, which provides OAuth 2.0 state validation, CSRF protection, and to save the user login session.

The cookie is HTTP only in case of XSS, and is encrypted to prevent manipulation.

No settings, additional information, or personal data is stored in cookies.

Ads and Analytics Partners

This application does not use advertisements or analytics.

It is just an educational project that I hope other people may find personally helpful.

Your Choices

The user has the ability to control what data is stored and the ability to delete their data.

Data can also be downloaded in the form of a JSON file for exporting.

Contact Us

Users can contact me for questions or complaints about the app’s privacy practices at